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hello there


tripixel ✨ 20 hours ago

played dark carnival in l4d2 and it was awesome

tripixel 🎶 1 day ago

bought skeleton metal X by vinesauce joel

tripixel 💻 5 days ago

got a *lot* of writing to do

tripixel 🙂 18 days ago

modelling/drawing characters is the bane of my existence, however i must persevere

tripixel ✨ 25 days ago

you ain't from penzance if you ain't done this befo (spontaneously explodes)

tripixel ☀️ 29 days ago

listening to DUSK's soundtrack got me feeling like I could bhop the entire universe

tripixel 🎶 31 days ago

Lady Writer by Dire Straits is definitely one of my favourite songs now

tripixel 🔥 35 days ago

started playing Red Alert 3 and it's so much fun

tripixel 💀 63 days ago

doing some more covers (i currently have 4 modules open please help)

tripixel 🙂 68 days ago

getting positive comments on my neocities sure is nice :)

tripixel 😎 87 days ago

the background scrolls on my website now

tripixel 🙂 89 days ago

Christmas! Just a week away. Woohoo, I am so happy about this information.

tripixel 🥳 100 days ago

finally uploaded a new module after god knows how long

tripixel 🎮 122 days ago

been playing a shit load of open fortress recently

tripixel 🔥 144 days ago

website's got a new halloween theme :o

tripixel 💀 150 days ago

boy howdy do i love having to use Construct 3 in college

tripixel 🤒 159 days ago

been feeling awful for a couple days

tripixel 🔥 167 days ago

really really warm in the south west

tripixel 🤖 178 days ago

just got a protonmail email

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