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hello there


tripixel 🥳 8 days ago

beat shovel knight: shovel of hope, now on to plague knight

tripixel 🎮 41 days ago

started playing shovel knight on my o3DS xl not long ago and it's the best thing ever

tripixel 🤔 48 days ago

i want some glazed ham fr

tripixel 😎 61 days ago

my microsoft sam mod is going well

tripixel 🌈 64 days ago

i may be down but my money's up

tripixel ✏️ 77 days ago

writing voice lines to use for a tf2c administrator mod using Microsoft Sam

tripixel 🎨 93 days ago

learning to do tf2's painterly style for modding

tripixel ✏️ 107 days ago

got a reignited passion for actually making shit now that half term's here

tripixel 🎨 117 days ago

learning a lot about blender

tripixel 😡 121 days ago

got braces in and now my teeth hurt. great

tripixel 🎶 134 days ago

the masculine urge to learn the banjo out of nowhere

tripixel 🥳 142 days ago

reached combat level 26 in old school runescape

tripixel ✨ 144 days ago

played dark carnival in l4d2 and it was awesome

tripixel 🎶 145 days ago

bought skeleton metal X by vinesauce joel

tripixel 💻 148 days ago

got a *lot* of writing to do

tripixel 🙂 162 days ago

modelling/drawing characters is the bane of my existence, however i must persevere

tripixel ✨ 169 days ago

you ain't from penzance if you ain't done this befo (spontaneously explodes)

tripixel ☀️ 173 days ago

listening to DUSK's soundtrack got me feeling like I could bhop the entire universe

tripixel 🎶 174 days ago

Lady Writer by Dire Straits is definitely one of my favourite songs now

tripixel 🔥 178 days ago

started playing Red Alert 3 and it's so much fun

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