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hello there


tripixel 🎮 176 days ago

been playing a shit load of open fortress recently

tripixel 🔥 199 days ago

website's got a new halloween theme :o

tripixel 💀 205 days ago

boy howdy do i love having to use Construct 3 in college

tripixel 🤒 214 days ago

been feeling awful for a couple days

tripixel 🔥 221 days ago

really really warm in the south west

tripixel 🤖 233 days ago

just got a protonmail email

tripixel 🔥 239 days ago

switched to firefox

tripixel 🎨 248 days ago

modelling plok atm, and it's going well and looking good

tripixel ✨ 260 days ago

currently finishing off my mkds course "Moonside Void" based off of that part in earthbound

tripixel 🙂 271 days ago

making a mario kart ds course rn, hopefully it'll be included with ctgp nitro

tripixel 😡 276 days ago

making a hitsound pack for tf2 and they just don't work

tripixel 🥳 279 days ago

after a ton of work, i'm nearly finished. finally

tripixel 💻 280 days ago

typing and typing and typing, and a lot more typing to do

tripixel 😴 283 days ago

feeling dead tired atm, need more sleep but work i must.

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