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constantly on the radio


toast 🎮 390 days ago


toast 🎨 391 days ago

gonna try to work my way back to drawing daily!

toast 😭 393 days ago

the amount of pages im making rapidly outpacing the amount of space i have on my site's navbar on mobile...

toast 🌱 395 days ago

can't believe they even implemented their own turnip market system

toast 🔥 399 days ago

reward for moonfire faire (savage) better be ankle reconstruction surgery

toast 💀 401 days ago

dinner party with the relatives later

toast ✅ 408 days ago

the 'its just a piece of paper' feelings be burning in fr

toast 🌱 414 days ago

somehow my website feels super sterile?? helb

toast 🔥 422 days ago

101 how to cos without getting baked by sunlight

toast 💻 424 days ago

kind of miss the good ol' beep boopin on startup, but definitely not missing that load time

toast 😂 433 days ago

i didnt check measurements once and had to spend the day carting back a computer tower half my height and probably half my weight

toast 👀 439 days ago

interview today! i hope it goes well!

toast 👀 445 days ago

my dog has better eyeliner game than me

toast 😱 446 days ago

the bumrush to get my portfolio looking Decent

toast 🥳 451 days ago

parents loved the spaghet i made this evening, mom ate every last noodle on her plate im so happy

toast 😭 451 days ago

trying to figure out how to code an image gallery orz

toast 😴 455 days ago

the sleepiness half an hour of maple grinding gives is unreal

toast 🎶 459 days ago

plaza be jammin real hard rn

toast 😎 460 days ago

nice keyboard arrived yesterday! cleaned out some arm space on my desk for it, no more cramped arms :D

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