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constantly on the radio


toast 🥹 29 days ago

hdd died with all my website work in it but i am ITCHING to code it all again, it's free fresh start!

toast 🤔 36 days ago

got hit with design block on sitenav orz

toast 🥱 37 days ago

been staring so hard at text i think my eyes are seeing colours, it's time to do a big snooze

toast 😭 39 days ago

changed 1 font on my draft and bam threw my layouts all out of whack...

toast 💀 41 days ago

wow cant believe im grinding maple yet again

toast 🥹 64 days ago

wol sticker exchange is so good

toast 🎨 72 days ago

spent some time today making fridge magnets out of holiday photos! they look super cute aaaaa

toast 🔥 75 days ago

the age-old adage of 'i want to toss everything i've coded so far into the trash and start again from a white page'

toast ❤️ 81 days ago

positive vibes for everyone today! \o/

toast 😶 111 days ago

waiting for people who will never come, am now in the satellite zone

toast 🥳 115 days ago

task failed successfully!

toast 🔥 123 days ago

summertime heat be killing me rn help

toast 💻 165 days ago

baby steps in linux, hoping to one day fully move away from windows (keeping that aesthetic tho im sadly a sucker for w95 chunkyness)

toast 🔥 184 days ago

danteh... you gotta meet your harem danteh.......

toast 😂 184 days ago

ah yes, half broken formatting right after i submit, as always LMAO

toast 🤩 191 days ago

messing around with the code and learning a bit of html magic <3 <3 love the progress

toast 🔥 200 days ago

move aside raid tuesdays ITS LIMBUS THURSDAYS TIME

toast 😎 201 days ago

the invisible wall is real

toast 🤩 220 days ago

KELVIN MY MAN mvp of the 3 man logging company fr

toast 🙂 229 days ago

101 how to tell my dog that i'm just going to the grocery store to buy bread and not going to disappear never to be seen again

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