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constantly on the radio


toast 🌧️ 241 days ago

gg my knees

toast 🎮 244 days ago

playing cult of the lamb

toast 🎮 250 days ago

my gamepad was broken, turns out it was a single stray dog hair trapped under the thumbstick T_T

toast 🙂 261 days ago

new job starts tomorrow!

toast 💀 264 days ago

spite vc: and where did that bring you? back to me

toast 🎮 274 days ago

headphones came in time for spoon3!

toast 👀 274 days ago

woomy is loading... can't wait!

toast 😂 279 days ago

sibling's taste in keychains are top tier

toast 🤩 280 days ago

tracked down a pair of discontinued headphones that kid me always wanted, can't wait for it to arrive!

toast 🎶 281 days ago


toast 🎮 284 days ago


toast 🎨 285 days ago

gonna try to work my way back to drawing daily!

toast 😭 287 days ago

the amount of pages im making rapidly outpacing the amount of space i have on my site's navbar on mobile...

toast 🌱 288 days ago

can't believe they even implemented their own turnip market system

toast 🔥 292 days ago

reward for moonfire faire (savage) better be ankle reconstruction surgery

toast 💀 295 days ago

dinner party with the relatives later

toast ✅ 302 days ago

the 'its just a piece of paper' feelings be burning in fr

toast 🌱 308 days ago

somehow my website feels super sterile?? helb

toast 🔥 315 days ago

101 how to cos without getting baked by sunlight

toast 💻 318 days ago

kind of miss the good ol' beep boopin on startup, but definitely not missing that load time

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