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tim of the valley // back



tim-of-the-valley 🎶 158 days ago

geez! louise! he's just like me, she's just like me, they're just like me!

tim-of-the-valley 🎲 164 days ago

i'm a work in progress and i will never be complete

tim-of-the-valley 🌧️ 170 days ago

sorry i can't seize the day. maybe tomorrow...

tim-of-the-valley ❤️ 173 days ago

i love you Amicus i love you Amicus i want to protect you

tim-of-the-valley 📺 181 days ago

started watching serial experiments lain. i think the girl will become a computer by the end

tim-of-the-valley 💤 184 days ago

mistakes are bound to happen. taking a deep breath and going to bed

tim-of-the-valley 💻 190 days ago

who knew that coding a website would be this messy

tim-of-the-valley ☀️ 193 days ago

holding my own hand in hopes of trying my best

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