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theenderdraco 😶 77 days ago

grounded for no reason and art class got cancelled as soon as I got up incident 129294 dead 29490284 injured. whys there no knife emoji here

theenderdraco 🥺 77 days ago

supervisor yelled at me for losing track of time last week incident 1 dead 20 injured

theenderdraco 👽 80 days ago

ive spent like $45 on my singing monsters in the past 24 hours im not ok /lh

theenderdraco 🔥 84 days ago

KAYNA SWEEP‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

theenderdraco 🥳 87 days ago

happy new year folks! 2022 can get fucked im ready for 2023

theenderdraco 📱 96 days ago

(takes adhd meds to help w/a project) hey what if i made a new msm island and dragonvale elemental line. thatd be pretty sexy of me i think

theenderdraco 🙂 97 days ago

world fuckin sucks. all the time. everywhere. no exceptions. why do i even.

theenderdraco 🙂 101 days ago

so anyways how’s everyone’s 2022 going

theenderdraco 🙃 101 days ago

girl PLEASE be normal about this tthough. i don’t need a repeat of what happened with my friend’s ex 🫠

theenderdraco 💔 101 days ago

well! that happened. figures. cool while it lasted tho

theenderdraco 😶 110 days ago

oh ok then. alright what if i just died right now instead hows that

theenderdraco 🍷 111 days ago

i entered "anthro flamingo" in the pinterest search bar why the FUCK is it giving me hazbin hotel stuff

theenderdraco 🐱 129 days ago

c’est fini. see you ‘round, buddy

theenderdraco 🐱 130 days ago

idk whats worse, not knowing when youll see someone for the last time or knowing exactly when and having that painstaking wait ahead of you

theenderdraco 💻 136 days ago

i wish all ppl reblogging the same exact post 100 times in a row a very please don't

theenderdraco 💀 143 days ago

i am once again wanting to make a digital horror project

theenderdraco ✨ 157 days ago


theenderdraco 😶 159 days ago

i always think i have something to write here but then i forget lmao

theenderdraco 🤐 160 days ago

ow wrist hurty (continues doing activities such as typing which will further hurty my wrists)

theenderdraco 🎱 160 days ago

if nobody got me i know Disney The Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts 2020 Hallmark Ornament got me can i get an amen

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