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theenderdraco ✏️ 3 hours ago

why does my finger hurt. like not even the whole hand it's just the right pointer finger that aches for no discernible reason

theenderdraco 🤒 9 days ago

hate when i cry too hard and get a headache smh

theenderdraco 👽 11 days ago

ive fallen into the petz 5 hole and cant get out

theenderdraco 😭 13 days ago

i made the stupidest looking hybrid in petz 5 and i cant stop thinking about him. god /pos

theenderdraco 😴 16 days ago

rest in piss to the worst year of my life so far 🥴

theenderdraco 🤐 27 days ago

i have submitted a total of half of one assignment for a required class of mine and the last day of the semester is today haha help

theenderdraco 🥳 28 days ago

oh did i mention i got into college bc i got into college :] one less thing to stress over

theenderdraco ✏️ 34 days ago

someone please force me to work. i am the master of procrastination

theenderdraco 🍱 35 days ago

i like the new emoji status thingies. very cool

theenderdraco 😱 35 days ago

tfw someone from that old embarrassing haunted mansion server you made like in 2018 joins one of the spamton servers youre in

theenderdraco 😡 37 days ago

im like. not even at my limit man im past it. oh it's so easy to use photoshop eh? quick and easy? you do it then. im in designer rage mode

theenderdraco 🤖 37 days ago

i'm in so much pain rn but i have lots of work to do so. shit

theenderdraco 💀 39 days ago

urghhhh i have stuff to do but 0 motivation

theenderdraco 🔥 41 days ago

i ate half a tin of halloween sour candy and now my tongue hurts help

theenderdraco 🤖 41 days ago

as usual i'm coding instead of doing productive work lolololol