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the64thsanctum 💀 467 days ago

stayed up way too late modding mechwarrior 5

the64thsanctum 🙂 557 days ago

if you didn't vote you're not allowed to complain about the state of the country. go vote if you like having rights

the64thsanctum 🙂 604 days ago

"I feel like a zombie come back to life, back back to life" cuz I am tired af today

the64thsanctum 🔥 607 days ago

Every single track of the new Electric Callboy album is a certified banger

the64thsanctum 🙂 621 days ago

Revitalized an old laptop by installing Linux (Pop OS specifically) so that was fun. Running much better than Win10

the64thsanctum 🙂 639 days ago

ok but why is Porter Robinson so good

the64thsanctum 🙂 643 days ago

Finally getting into learning Javascript! That sounds noncommittal but I swear I am lol

the64thsanctum 🙂 647 days ago

when the only thing people have to talk about on work calls is the 5 minute rain shower yesterday. is this really what life is lol

the64thsanctum 🙂 649 days ago

Post modern, post-post-modern, what does it even mean?

the64thsanctum 😶 654 days ago

when you fully shave off all your facial hair after 4 years and look in the mirror like who is this weird baby?

the64thsanctum 🙂 660 days ago

me and my cat are about to fking fight. he won't rest until every item is knocked off the little shelf

the64thsanctum 🥳 660 days ago

The site has officially been made responsive on all screen sizes! Big triumph!

the64thsanctum 🙂 661 days ago

Finally added a guestbook to the site, but I need to come up with a better system for managing my CSS. It's kinda spiraling out of control

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