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the64thsanctum 🙂 204 days ago

Ordered some new bookshelves and received my leatherbound Cosmere books. Excited to work on building my reading nook!

the64thsanctum 🔥 204 days ago

Summer is the worst. It doesn't even drop below 80 at night. Texas is literally hell

the64thsanctum 😎 215 days ago

Very productive weekend for the website! Seeing a friend tonight then a bbq tomorrow. #blessed lol

the64thsanctum 🙂 216 days ago

Implemented a journal with a feed on the ol website, hoping to finish up several draft articles over the weekend

the64thsanctum 🙂 219 days ago

I'm feeling less patriotic today than usual, which was already not a lot lol.

the64thsanctum 🙂 221 days ago

Comment box implemented, domain email created, next step, finally add some posts!

the64thsanctum 🥳 222 days ago

It's been a productive night. Contact page has been set up so if you're seeing this, send me a message!

the64thsanctum 🔥 222 days ago

Finally got activated! Lily is moving out today which is crazy. Fun to watch these kids fresh out of college go on to start their lives.

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