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tetrisk 💻 9 days ago

>struggled with a bug for hours >give up and go to sleep >fixed it within two minutes the next morning

tetrisk 🎨 17 days ago

polyhaven my beloved

tetrisk 💻 21 days ago

Slow and steady...

tetrisk 💻 40 days ago

i'm computers always

tetrisk 🎨 42 days ago

I forgot how to draw after 1 month of no drawing

tetrisk 💻 49 days ago

curse you discord typing status

tetrisk 😎 74 days ago

I'll be the jack of all trades, master of none.

tetrisk 💻 90 days ago

Quake is insanely fun

tetrisk 🎮 98 days ago

I just published my first game on itch.io!

tetrisk 💻 109 days ago

I'm cooking

tetrisk 💻 113 days ago

Notion is my second brain.

tetrisk 🎨 117 days ago

I'm really starting to dislike my art. I have to draw and study more.

tetrisk 💻 126 days ago

I get a weird satisfaction from updating things on my computer

tetrisk 📺 132 days ago

Oh the dilemma between spending my free time consuming awesome content, or keep working on my own passion projects...

tetrisk 🎨 134 days ago

Why is drawing so fucking hard? It gets really frustrating sometimes.

tetrisk 🎨 140 days ago

There's so much stuff I want to do. I fucking love drawing, coding and writing.

tetrisk 😎 162 days ago

mmm... microplastics...

tetrisk 💻 178 days ago

Thinking of getting into game dev with Godot. There's this one idea I think is doable, but we'll see.

tetrisk ⛳️ 188 days ago

Tower Unite is such a fun, chill fucking game. I wish my friends played it.

tetrisk 💻 218 days ago

I'm not gonna finish my site these vacations ._.

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