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tetrisk 📺 187 days ago

Oh the dilemma between spending my free time consuming awesome content, or keep working on my own passion projects...

tetrisk 🎨 189 days ago

Why is drawing so fucking hard? It gets really frustrating sometimes.

tetrisk 🎨 195 days ago

There's so much stuff I want to do. I fucking love drawing, coding and writing.

tetrisk 😎 217 days ago

mmm... microplastics...

tetrisk 💻 232 days ago

Thinking of getting into game dev with Godot. There's this one idea I think is doable, but we'll see.

tetrisk ⛳️ 243 days ago

Tower Unite is such a fun, chill fucking game. I wish my friends played it.

tetrisk 💻 272 days ago

I'm not gonna finish my site these vacations ._.

tetrisk 🍷 334 days ago

Making a wacky shitpost I'll host on my site

tetrisk 🍕 340 days ago

Fuck it, I'll keep adding MORE shit to V2.0 and nothing can stop me. Even if it takes me another year >:D

tetrisk 💻 341 days ago

I'm a sucker for cyberpunk

tetrisk 📚 350 days ago

polymerases go brrr

tetrisk 🎮 354 days ago

playing gaems

tetrisk 💻 359 days ago

The longer I take working on my site, the more ideas I get, so the To-Do keeps getting bigger. fuc

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