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technoqueer 🎮 3 days ago

started playing tears of the kingdom

technoqueer 🤐 11 days ago

we're already almost halfway through the year and I still haven't set up my 2023 movies page.........,.,.,.,,,

technoqueer ☕️ 18 days ago

never thought doing the dishes would be something I'd have strong opinions on but adulthood is full of surprises I guess

technoqueer 🎶 18 days ago

"here's my resignation, I'll serve it in drag" is probably my favorite line from an mcr song tbh

technoqueer 🏆 19 days ago

god bless the people archiving imgur images

technoqueer 🙂 20 days ago

hate that my shift doesn't start until noon bc I don't know what to do with myself all morning

technoqueer 🥱 29 days ago

I need to go through the song journal and rehaul all the images. hhhh

technoqueer 🎶 38 days ago

not now kitten, daddy's laying on the floor listening to earthquake by the used and dissociating

technoqueer 😴 40 days ago

semester is finally over

technoqueer 🔥 65 days ago

the humidity is beyond transphobic. the humidity personally misgendered me and called me a slur and asked me if I've gotten the surgery

technoqueer 🌈 70 days ago

happy trans day of visibility!!!

technoqueer 🥹 76 days ago

discovering the ability to feel pain in places previously unknown to science

technoqueer ☕️ 83 days ago

what does one wear to a semi-formal event

technoqueer 🤐 86 days ago

the new scream movie is intense

technoqueer 🛼 99 days ago

I thought my life would suddenly improve if I got a little basket for my bike and I was literally 100% right

technoqueer 🔥 102 days ago

was gifted a "palo santo+sage+incense" scented candle. smells nice but that's also the definition of overkill

technoqueer 💻 103 days ago

*sasuke voice* is nothing easy

technoqueer 🎱 107 days ago

I am out of ideas on how to fix the javascript. genuinely at a loss

technoqueer 💾 111 days ago

new laptop battery is working, thank god. was worried I'd have to get a new pc (and the cheap ones don't have disc drives anymore)

technoqueer 🥳 118 days ago


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