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technoqueer 🤐 8 days ago

being a mentally ill adult isn't fun but I see mentally ill teens on the internet and thank god I'm not 15 anymore

technoqueer ☕️ 8 days ago

the fact that I had a relative die on and forever change the way I view my birthday is a bit akechicoded tbh

technoqueer 🤖 8 days ago

your "son" is posting about forcefemming robots on tumblr dot com

technoqueer 🌈 9 days ago

I probably won't publish the blog post for a while but just so everyone knows the irish creme monster is good as hell

technoqueer 🎮 26 days ago

my soul will only know peace once we get a persona 2 remake

technoqueer ✏️ 29 days ago

i've had a post about john mcwhorter sitting in my drafts for over a year now but he just doesn't stop giving me new things to talk about

technoqueer 🤒 29 days ago

one of my coworkers tried convincing me to watch the big bang theory. I'm fighting the war against autism on the side of autism

technoqueer 🙂 37 days ago

I am never going to get better 👍

technoqueer ✏️ 40 days ago

bitches love it when I exhibit symptoms

technoqueer 📚 83 days ago

put together a bookshelf #butch

technoqueer 🤔 86 days ago

I have acquired a windows xp drawing tablet

technoqueer 🎶 90 days ago

gonna rehaul the song journal. i don't think it's gonna be fun but it's better i do it sooner rather than later

technoqueer 📺 94 days ago

never talking about breaking bad with white people ever again. you are all dumb as hell god bless

technoqueer 💾 95 days ago

a loudmouth transmisogynist CEO is only the second-worst thing about tumblr. the first is that all gifs automatically convert to webp

technoqueer 😭 95 days ago

my sims 3 save got CORRUPTED and now the game crashes any time I try to load it. pain and agony and suffering

technoqueer 🙃 105 days ago

there should be more jobs for agoraphobic autistic shut-ins who don't have the energy to get out of bed

technoqueer 💤 106 days ago

playing the sims 3 instead of studying for exams

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