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technoqueer 🤩 16 days ago

it really is just one damn thing after another with some people

technoqueer ⛳️ 27 days ago

why are we here? just to suffer? javascript

technoqueer 🧐 27 days ago

can't tell if the javascript on my zonelets has spontaneously combusted or if my browser is just running slow

technoqueer 😭 27 days ago

can't remember one of my passwords, it isn't in my password manager, won't say what email I used for recovery so I'm guessing blindly. agony

technoqueer 🏂 28 days ago

I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me

technoqueer ❤️ 30 days ago

before the year ends, anybody wanna recreate the kitchen scene from scream (1996)?

technoqueer 🎬 42 days ago

"BeReal" is this generation's version of those forum threads where you'd paste whatever was in your clipboard at the time

technoqueer 😱 43 days ago

was actually gonna work on my shrines then I found out the scream franchise has a tv series

technoqueer 😶 44 days ago

just finished season 2 of hannibal.....if there was ever a time in my life where I was speechless, it's right now

technoqueer 💤 45 days ago

finally done with exams.......time to sleep in until noon

technoqueer 😴 51 days ago

one more week and then I've got a month off

technoqueer 🤒 56 days ago

final exams are coming up

technoqueer 😶 60 days ago

when pierce the veil said "the thing I think I love will surely bring me pain" he was talking about calculus

technoqueer 🌧️ 65 days ago

so many things I wanted to do this week and I did not accomplish a damn thing

technoqueer 🍔 68 days ago

started watching hannibal.....i knew this was homoerotic but goddamn

technoqueer 🌧️ 78 days ago

can't get my vpn to work

technoqueer 🥺 79 days ago

would you guys still love me if i made a danganronpa shrine...........

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