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technoqueer 🔥 5 days ago

lord help me I am getting the urge to rehaul my website again

technoqueer 🎱 37 days ago

a spirit halloween near me is open so that means halloween season has officially begun

technoqueer 🎶 39 days ago

hello gay people in my computer

technoqueer 📺 79 days ago

trying to 100% breath of the wild

technoqueer 🎶 99 days ago

I attended my first pride festival yesterday. it was lots of fun!

technoqueer 🤖 110 days ago

I know I haven't finished the eshrines yet but I'm gonna have a page for robots and I recently acquired TEKNO DINKIE i'm so happy

technoqueer 🥳 120 days ago

just remembered minesweeper comes preinstalled on windows 7 #winning

technoqueer 💀 120 days ago

I figured it out........not my brightest moment XD

technoqueer 😭 120 days ago

I don't think anything in my life has made me feel stupider than trying to use the station via gemini LMAO

technoqueer ✨ 122 days ago

writing this from a windows 7 desktop. feels good man

technoqueer 😡 124 days ago

gumshoe gooper supporters do NOT interact

technoqueer 💀 127 days ago

just finished hypnospace.....they did not have to do zane like that at the end LMAO

technoqueer 📺 128 days ago

did I buy and then spend several hours playing hypnospace outlaw instead of studying for an exam? ...perhaps.

technoqueer 🥳 137 days ago

nobody talk to me it's friday the 13th and mcr released new music I'm gonna shit myself

technoqueer ❄️ 148 days ago

it's may, why do we still have snow

technoqueer 📺 154 days ago

hyperfixated on stardew valley so I probably won't work on the site for a while

technoqueer 🔥 159 days ago

happy 4/20 to the three weed smoking girlfriends

technoqueer 🎶 166 days ago

it's neil banging out the tunes day!!!

technoqueer ✏️ 174 days ago

I'm gonna redo the index page at some point............not sure when

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