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technoqueer 😴 104 days ago

one more week and then I've got a month off

technoqueer 🤒 109 days ago

final exams are coming up

technoqueer 😶 113 days ago

when pierce the veil said "the thing I think I love will surely bring me pain" he was talking about calculus

technoqueer 🌧️ 118 days ago

so many things I wanted to do this week and I did not accomplish a damn thing

technoqueer 🍔 121 days ago

started watching hannibal.....i knew this was homoerotic but goddamn

technoqueer 🌧️ 131 days ago

can't get my vpn to work

technoqueer 🥺 132 days ago

would you guys still love me if i made a danganronpa shrine...........

technoqueer 🧐 142 days ago

tbh if you still publicly engage with harry potter in the year of our lord 2022 I do not trust you in the slightest

technoqueer 💻 146 days ago

nobody look at me while I rearrange my site

technoqueer 🎨 159 days ago

I need to get back into beading

technoqueer 💀 167 days ago

if you were to catalogue everything i find romantic you'd get the dsm6

technoqueer 🔥 184 days ago

lord help me I am getting the urge to rehaul my website again

technoqueer 🎱 216 days ago

a spirit halloween near me is open so that means halloween season has officially begun

technoqueer 🎶 218 days ago

hello gay people in my computer

technoqueer 📺 257 days ago

trying to 100% breath of the wild

technoqueer 🎶 278 days ago

I attended my first pride festival yesterday. it was lots of fun!

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