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chess n cs babey

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taptap 🙂 55 days ago

big day time

taptap 😭 63 days ago

family not great

taptap 🙂 76 days ago

bored but still feelin good 8)

taptap 🙂 77 days ago

feelin gud

taptap 💤 78 days ago

woke up too early

taptap ☀️ 81 days ago

super eurobeat hello kitty bops

taptap 😎 84 days ago

good mornin gamers. i am feeling winning today

taptap 😎 93 days ago

osrs leagues best game

taptap ☀️ 107 days ago

mornin nerds

taptap 😱 110 days ago

dats da city babbyyyy

taptap 😶 111 days ago

id like my dad to appreciate me a bit

taptap 🍱 112 days ago

i am an expert chef who can cook basic meals

taptap 💤 116 days ago

ms the missile is eeby

taptap 😎 118 days ago

20 days later I am back on my status.cafe

taptap 👀 138 days ago

im woke asf bipolar meds broke

taptap 😎 147 days ago

another day another anti dollar

taptap 😱 148 days ago

feeling like a ghost n avoiding dysfunctional parents

taptap 😭 149 days ago

man i feel terrible and i have an exam today

taptap 🥱 151 days ago

good mornin gamers

taptap 😱 152 days ago

exam season round 1 FIGHT

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