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chess n cs babey

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taptap 💤 290 days ago

slept like 4 hours this sux

taptap 🥳 291 days ago

website launchin time

taptap 🤒 291 days ago

anxious bc behind on school

taptap 💤 292 days ago

not feeling well rested sadly.

taptap 😭 293 days ago

i hath cursed papa with the chess virus

taptap 🥳 294 days ago

time 4 sunday sunday sunday

taptap 😭 295 days ago

frickin sedatives got me eepy

taptap 😭 297 days ago

procrastination is the devil and i am his bestie

taptap 🤐 299 days ago

im experiencing the motivation version of tired but wired

taptap ☀️ 299 days ago

ok the morning hype is back

taptap ☕️ 300 days ago

pls coffee helap

taptap ☀️ 301 days ago

hoping to keep my momentum up!

taptap ☀️ 302 days ago

lets freakin go

taptap 🥱 304 days ago

eeby deeby

taptap 🌙 306 days ago

wakin up at 5am

taptap 🌱 306 days ago

feel a leaf

taptap 💀 307 days ago

thinkin about cutting class

taptap ☀️ 308 days ago

sunday funday

taptap 😎 309 days ago

perfect 8 hours sleep lets go

taptap 🌙 310 days ago

I slebd like 11 hours and still sleeby

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