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trans girl with an affinity for retro technology


syrupnx 🤖 101 days ago

just made my first bash script !! i used a js file to guide me, essentially porting it, and it grabs the current .beat time! code on my site

syrupnx 💻 109 days ago

my website is now responsive. it doesnt seem to work on Webkit, but idc

syrupnx 🎱 124 days ago

im beginning to feel somewhat like a poweruser

syrupnx ☀️ 130 days ago

everything is working as somewhat intended

syrupnx 😡 132 days ago

cloning my hard drive so I can migrate to linux cuz windows keeps nagging me to update even tho it keeps failing to install them YIPPIE

syrupnx 🌱 144 days ago

i have opened up a mastodon account yippie

syrupnx ✅ 160 days ago

new website design is nearly finished !! yippie !!

syrupnx ✨ 161 days ago

its been two months i think its time for a website refresh

syrupnx ☀️ 221 days ago

i've quit my job. i feel pretty okay now that i have more time to spend with family and on my hobbies

syrupnx 🌧️ 241 days ago

i wannan write but i also wana work on the website but i also wan play games and ive still got school and work and all of a sudden im tired.

syrupnx 🌈 253 days ago

finally came out to my parents !!

syrupnx 🎮 272 days ago

bought deep rock galactic recently, i think i might have a new addiction

syrupnx 🍾 281 days ago


syrupnx 💤 287 days ago

ughh so tired lmao it was back to back orders at work for like 2 hours

syrupnx ✨ 295 days ago

i keep on buying plushies help the impulsive thoughts are winning

syrupnx 📚 308 days ago

i start school soon, cant wait to see friends regularly again

syrupnx 🌈 315 days ago

im thinking about making my own undertale au

syrupnx ❤️ 324 days ago

i have gotten back into undertale oh dear goodnes s help me

syrupnx 🎮 330 days ago

gonna play ther new ruin dlc

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