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trans girl with an affinity for retro technology


syrupnx 💀 270 days ago

awake but i have to babysit my brother today :skull:

syrupnx 💤 271 days ago

finaly going to sleep, cant wait to wake up in 6 hours :p

syrupnx 🍔 271 days ago

blehh gotta work until twelve ..

syrupnx 💻 271 days ago

gonna forget about work until its around time for me to work

syrupnx 💤 272 days ago

winding down tonight, ive got a midnight closing shift tomorrow urrg. feel like i optimized the site a bunch though, which makes me happy !!

syrupnx ☕️ 272 days ago

got myself some coffee, ready to continue building my site !

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