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swoesight 🌧️ 15 days ago

housekeeping starts today i promise guys

swoesight 🙂 49 days ago

OKAY great news i have a better beefier computer and i can resume my stuff !!

swoesight 💀 59 days ago

ok so my computer is like indefinitely fucked and i wont be able to work on the site for an undetermined amount of time :p srry guys

swoesight 💀 80 days ago

heeyyy guys sorry i totally forgot i was in the middle of an update. maybe i'll do something idfk

swoesight 🌧️ 118 days ago

gnna try to push a new page or two soon

swoesight 🌈 118 days ago

Today is my birthday!! i turn 15

swoesight 🤖 129 days ago

gonna try to focus on some new pages very very soon!! stay tuned for more shit

swoesight 🌈 152 days ago

hii! everything is going well and i hope to maybe find motivation to work more on the website in the near future

swoesight 😯 175 days ago

Hi! I'm still here Might focus on art a bit gnna try to revamp theme again <3

swoesight 🌙 212 days ago

Living fucking blows!!

swoesight 🎱 237 days ago

Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!!

swoesight 😴 237 days ago

layout 2.0 now live! I'm going to try and stay consistent with updates going out