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i'm suspiciouslyBee, a cute agender honeybee (she/her) on the internet!! I have ADHD Combined type and I like retro computing, and computer hardware is a special interest of mine.


suspiciouslybee 🥱 311 days ago

i feel very low energy. i just want to go home.

suspiciouslybee ✏️ 312 days ago

i swear im working on new blog posts eventually. takes time

suspiciouslybee 🐱 315 days ago

i arrived to work early and wasnt allowed to clock early. bro you are BEHIND let me HELP PLS

suspiciouslybee 😶 318 days ago

a week in and i feel already lost. i have too much work for two classes.

suspiciouslybee 🥱 318 days ago

at the doctors early, waiting for doctor.

suspiciouslybee 😯 319 days ago

i mean driving. im driving to a dr appt in another state bc im a lazy mfer and cant be bothered to get local doctors

suspiciouslybee 😱 320 days ago

i accidentally said breath of fresh are as "bresh" several times today im dead

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