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i'm suspiciouslyBee, a cute agender honeybee (she/her) on the internet!! I have ADHD Combined type and I like retro computing, and computer hardware is a special interest of mine.


suspiciouslybee 😭 193 days ago

study, work, sleep, and maybe once a week, something nice like social interaction

suspiciouslybee 🔥 211 days ago

fuck cryptobros!!!!!!!!! fuck techbros!!!!!!

suspiciouslybee 🤔 211 days ago

there are other people like me in this class

suspiciouslybee 😎 217 days ago

oh yeah fastest turnaround time for a blog post yet (I WOKE UP AT 5:30 AND FINISHED IT BY 8:30)

suspiciouslybee 🙂 220 days ago

yes i do have blog posts im drafting im just distracted with VR

suspiciouslybee 🤔 233 days ago

wait. i think streaming makes me an entertainer does it??

suspiciouslybee 😱 247 days ago

my thinkpad's display started to break yesterday

suspiciouslybee 🤔 252 days ago

is streaming block a thing. like art block but for streamers.

suspiciouslybee 🥱 253 days ago

man. i wish i could rectify the contradiction of wanting to quit my job and stick with my job.

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