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i'm suspiciouslyBee, a cute agender honeybee (she/her) on the internet!! I have ADHD Combined type and I like retro computing, and computer hardware is a special interest of mine.


suspiciouslybee 😶 4 days ago

on paper, i have enough time to get everything done on time. but it doesnt happen. ugh!!

suspiciouslybee 😱 127 days ago

oh god this college work can i please get this done before the exam

suspiciouslybee 🌧️ 135 days ago

for anyone concerned: not ignoring anyone specifically. im litterally having most of my day taken up by college and work rn

suspiciouslybee 😭 138 days ago

study, work, sleep, and maybe once a week, something nice like social interaction

suspiciouslybee 🔥 157 days ago

fuck cryptobros!!!!!!!!! fuck techbros!!!!!!

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