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~The Fleet~

[Status Reports]

This is a way for me to make status updates on my neocities page quickly and easily.

I also got a page on the

I also have more pages up on the gemini space. here's my yestercities, station profile, and flounder. Thx 4 stopping by!

superfxchip gemcap
station profile
superfxchip flounder


superfxchip 📰 617 days ago

I'll be running some formatting tests over my site and doing some small multimedia HTML5 updates through the pages.

superfxchip 🙂 641 days ago

now neocities is back i'll take this time to add more to it, ended up not doin' the ichi ;\ maybe someday

superfxchip ✈️ 642 days ago

if neocities is still down by tomorrow, imma make a ichi site lol x.x

superfxchip 💾 643 days ago

i really wish I could start adding stuff to my neocities rn. j gives me more evidence I oughta host my own webserv hmph

superfxchip 👽 643 days ago

So regardless of neocities being down, how's everyone's day goin so far? Anyone doin' anything fun? :P

superfxchip 🤐 643 days ago

The day I finally decide to update my neocitie page, it goes down lol. smh, j my luck, mb y'all. q-q

superfxchip 😭 643 days ago

@pepyo yes I tried to look at my dashboard rn too and it's giving me errors

superfxchip 🤖 643 days ago

Status: Online. This should show up on my neocities page. Can't wait to use this in my ahem own avenue soon too. 📡👀