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heyo! i'm just vibing here :3


starrs 💡 12 days ago

i wish i had people to bike with! :">

starrs 💻 38 days ago

computers and the internet are so cool... i love learning about them :D

starrs 🌈 75 days ago

i think things are taking a turn for the better ^^ slowly, but surely!

starrs 🌙 102 days ago

i've been feeling unwell lately. i hope things get better soon

starrs 💻 113 days ago

working on my website instead of doing school stuff. just as god intended

starrs 💀 124 days ago

why is javascript Like That 😔

starrs 💔 131 days ago

found another game i wanna play that's only in japanese...

starrs 😭 145 days ago

torn between working on my website and doing artfight attacks... oof

starrs ✨ 156 days ago

it's my first time on!