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heyo! i'm just vibing here :3


starrs 🤔 37 days ago

i'm still not sure about the kind of person i want to be...!

starrs ❤️ 39 days ago

i'm thankful for the people who look out for me

starrs ❤️ 58 days ago

this year i will do better

starrs ❤️ 78 days ago

i'm really glad i got to hang out with people :"3 the nicest feeling in the world

starrs 💤 102 days ago

i am very exhausted...........

starrs 💻 123 days ago

wow! my laptop is dying!!!

starrs 💡 126 days ago

I HAVE GOT TO update my website and remove stuff that no longer works :"3 when i have the time!!!

starrs 🌙 128 days ago

i really don't know how friendships work sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!

starrs 💻 129 days ago

configuring neovim is kinda difficult :"> but still fun to experiment with!

starrs ❤️ 134 days ago

a friend got merch for me..... i am happy and will pass away now

starrs 🌙 138 days ago

i'm not sure about what i should be doing

starrs 💡 139 days ago


starrs 💤 139 days ago

oki my motivation to do stuff is actually so low...!

starrs ❤️ 140 days ago

i feel so loved,,

starrs 🌧️ 146 days ago

it's really frustrating how difficult it is for me to make and keep friends..!!!! hhhhh

starrs 🔥 149 days ago

i really want to!! learn everything!!!

starrs ❤️ 163 days ago

i love my qpp so much i would move heaven and earth for her and aaaaa *combusts*

starrs ❄️ 172 days ago

it's so difficult not to feel like you're falling behind...

starrs 🌙 180 days ago

gonna try to be better at being alone...!

starrs ❤️ 188 days ago

i'm really really lucky to have my partner :"3 *passes away*

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