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heyo! i'm just vibing here :3


starrs 🔥 260 days ago

i really want to!! learn everything!!!

starrs ❤️ 274 days ago

i love my qpp so much i would move heaven and earth for her and aaaaa *combusts*

starrs ❄️ 283 days ago

it's so difficult not to feel like you're falling behind...

starrs 🌙 291 days ago

gonna try to be better at being alone...!

starrs ❤️ 299 days ago

i'm really really lucky to have my partner :"3 *passes away*

starrs 🌙 304 days ago

there are a lot of things that scare me but i still want to try them anyway :"3

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starrs ❤️ 319 days ago

woah. there are people who care about me...

starrs 🔥 320 days ago

i will actually pass away when classes start...!

starrs 🌧️ 324 days ago

i really wish i could stop feeling bad about everything :"]

starrs 🌙 329 days ago

i feel like i'm always lagging behind. i don't really know what i'm supposed to be doing...

starrs 💡 332 days ago

woah! i want to learn everything!!!

starrs ❤️ 347 days ago

forever grateful for my partner T__T i love him sm

starrs 🌈 367 days ago

going to a pride event is so healing :"3 i love seeing fellow aroace people!!

starrs 🌙 369 days ago

trying to understand how i want to be perceived... hmmm

starrs ✨ 373 days ago

people are so kind :">

starrs ❤️ 375 days ago

i'm grateful that i get to live another day

starrs 🌧️ 379 days ago

i wish i had the energy to do better

starrs 🌈 385 days ago

happy pride everyone!!! :3

starrs 🌱 391 days ago

learning how to live :"3 it's scary sometimes, but nice...!

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