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heyo! i'm just vibing here :3


starrs ❄️ 94 days ago

i've been working on an update for my site for months now :"D rip

starrs 📚 100 days ago

so many things happening all at once... can't keep up...

starrs ❤️ 104 days ago

i think i understand myself a little better

starrs 🎶 105 days ago

why is the sims 4 soundtrack so good?!

starrs 🔥 107 days ago

i want to do so many things but i don't have the time!!!!! aaaaa

starrs 🌧️ 108 days ago

i wish i could be as productive as i was before the pandemic...

starrs 💀 113 days ago

everything is pain!

starrs 🌧️ 116 days ago

aw man, brain fog... cannot think clearly these days ;_;

starrs 💀 117 days ago

oh no, i keep getting distracted..

starrs 🔥 120 days ago

no mii game... :"] but AAA FANTASY LIFE ON THE SWITCH!!!! LET'S GOOO

starrs 🌧️ 124 days ago

agh... i feel awful

starrs 😶 128 days ago

i have been given So Many Tasks

starrs 🌙 130 days ago

okay i'm tired of being misgendered *passes out*

starrs 🌧️ 146 days ago

going back to school :< i really hope things go well for me..!

starrs 🥳 160 days ago

it's 2023!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D

starrs ✨ 166 days ago

merry christmas!!! :D

starrs 🌧️ 180 days ago

i've been feeling scared lately! aaaaa!!

starrs 💔 183 days ago

when will i have the time to work on my website...? *sobs*

starrs 💡 203 days ago

i wish i had people to bike with! :">

starrs 💻 229 days ago

computers and the internet are so cool... i love learning about them :D

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