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22 y/o nonbinary fella from germany. pan, poly, nerd, gnu/linux user, retro web enthusiast, linguist by trade and hobby.
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sprinkles 🍕 438 days ago

Belly stuffed, belly happy.

sprinkles 🎨 438 days ago

I think it is time to spread the retro web revival movement to the analog space too. Record mixtapes, DIY, leave your smartphone behind.

sprinkles 😭 438 days ago

Half way through my breakfast I notice the bread was moldy... FML

sprinkles 🌧️ 438 days ago

Good morning... I feel exhausted and done for. I have so many things to do today yet no energy.

sprinkles 😡 439 days ago

WHY CANT PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR ONCE I SWEAR TO ALL THATS HOLY. god why does my university force me to use that crap

sprinkles 🙂 439 days ago

I didn't update this morning because I had a terrible time. I chose to update now though, because I got my plans done.

sprinkles 😴 440 days ago

It is time to get to sleeping. Tomorrow I will have to go to the city for real this time. I should probably get to sleep soon then.

sprinkles 🥰 440 days ago

Did finish almost all the dishes after all! Proud of myself, honestly.

sprinkles 😶 440 days ago

Haven't really managed to do much today. Ordered pizza, did some dishes, made myself some coffee, but nothing substantial got done. ;w;

sprinkles ✅ 440 days ago

I showered now, got fresh clothes and made the bed. That's at least something.

sprinkles 🌧️ 440 days ago

I woke up sad and exhausted. It's 1PM already and I did not even get up yet. I have to go downtown today and I don't want to ugh.

sprinkles 😴 441 days ago

Exhausted after working on the website all day. Now off to sleep, probably. Good night!

sprinkles 😎 441 days ago

Been working on my website all day long and also made delicious dinner!

sprinkles 💾 441 days ago

Currently working on my website. Super fun stuff!

sprinkles 🙂 441 days ago

Today's going to be a lazy Sunday because I just feel cozy. Decided to put off all my work for another day. Future me can deal with this.

sprinkles 😴 442 days ago

Sleeping now for real. Spent the last hour or so downloading Sims 2 mods like an irresponsible bean >:(

sprinkles 😴 442 days ago

Heading off for the day. It was a very productive one and I accomplished all my goals. Hope tomorrow will be the same.

sprinkles 🙂 442 days ago

Today turned out to be awesome! Ahead of schedule in all things, very productive. Will do more work now.

sprinkles 😡 442 days ago

Everythings going awry. Hair wont bend to my rules, no tape in the house, out of deodorant, stressful morning routine... Thousand papercuts.

sprinkles 🌱 442 days ago

Woke up feeling happy and motivated. Going to meet all my goals today, plus extra ones!

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