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22 y/o nonbinary fella from germany. pan, poly, nerd, gnu/linux user, retro web enthusiast, linguist by trade and hobby.
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sprinkles 💾 452 days ago

Reworked my entire site to be mobile friendly. PHEW

sprinkles 🙂 457 days ago

Pretty stoked about how my lasagna turned out. Extremely yummy.

sprinkles 🤐 459 days ago

Sorry I haven't updated in a long while... I have not been doing well. In any case, I am back, and going to set meself a reminder to update.

sprinkles 🌈 484 days ago

Yall it is a good morning

sprinkles ☕️ 485 days ago

Frustrated by the recent yields, I wanted to improve my coffee and accidentally did a 1:10 brew. AAAAAAA this feels like biting into a bean.

sprinkles 🍺 486 days ago

I got drunk off of two beers, where did the time go? D:

sprinkles 🤒 487 days ago

I think I am getting sick. Throat hurts.

sprinkles 🤐 488 days ago

Today will be a slow day. I'll still be running from my responsibilities, but it'll be a slow day.

sprinkles 🥰 489 days ago

I didn't know I'd get a stimulus check for the current gas crisis!! I got double the money this month! Holy shit!

sprinkles 🙂 490 days ago

I just showered and now I feel much better. I was gone from StatusCafe for a while because I was not doing well, but now I am good again!

sprinkles 😭 494 days ago

My gf spilled coffee all over her keyboard and now it won't work, she stubbed her toe and my food was too spicy for her. everything sucks

sprinkles 🙂 495 days ago

It's a bit cooler now, thank god. My partner is back home and we had pizza, but I still feel like she can't stand being around me.

sprinkles ❤️ 496 days ago

Good morning! Today my partner will come home from vacation. Can't wait!

sprinkles 🥱 497 days ago

Hi, good morning! I finally have more time now to update this more regularly again since I am now back home.

sprinkles 🔥 499 days ago

Why is it so hot here? AAAAAAA

sprinkles 🙂 499 days ago

Feeling comfortable!

sprinkles ✈️ 503 days ago

Haven't updated for a while but that's because I am at a destination wedding. :) I'm doing fine!

sprinkles 🚄 504 days ago

I'm on a train ghigga choo choo! (On my way to the wedding I was invited to)

sprinkles 😶 504 days ago

Extremely strong paranoia and dissociation, barely any tasks done, I feel like I am in a surreal purgatory.

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