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22 y/o nonbinary fella from germany. pan, poly, nerd, gnu/linux user, retro web enthusiast, linguist by trade and hobby.
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sprinkles 🙃 3 days ago

Boss just told me that I'm "clearly overchallenged" with my current taskand just to "chill" instead. I feel like I am doing something wrong.

sprinkles 💾 14 days ago

Made a mail address specifically so ppl can contact me and write personal mail (wooo): libretown@proton.me :3

sprinkles 🙂 18 days ago

good morning, am at work, coffee and sandwich successfully inhaled, science can begin

sprinkles 🤒 19 days ago

Tried making an appointment with a psychiatrist today; they hung up on me twice. Mew

sprinkles 👀 25 days ago

Trying to listen to music now to get a new episode of Vinyl Ventures out.

sprinkles ❄️ 39 days ago

Sitting around at work waiting for lunch. I wish I was still a child

sprinkles 🎶 70 days ago

My dad gave me his diskman and his portable tape player. Extremely excited that I can finally listen to music on the go!

sprinkles 🙂 82 days ago

Having a great time setting up XMPP on Pidgin again. =)

sprinkles 🥳 83 days ago

Happy new year. Hope this will be a great year for me and all.

sprinkles 🙂 87 days ago

Finally back home after an exhausting Christmas week.

sprinkles 😶 94 days ago

I have not existed for the past half a year or so, I am sorry. I have been living life day to day without much to show for it. Depression.

sprinkles 🥱 181 days ago

Since the exam robbed me of any and all energy, I have let myself go somewhat... but at least I don't have any actual classes.

sprinkles 🍾 186 days ago

I finally finished my last exam for the year! Two months of studying FINALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES

sprinkles 🌧️ 192 days ago

Even more studying! Where is my stamina?

sprinkles 📚 194 days ago

Studying, studying, studying. Exam season.

sprinkles 🍱 197 days ago

The Indian place sent double the food today by mistake. Not that I'm complaining!

sprinkles 💾 202 days ago

Reworked my entire site to be mobile friendly. PHEW

sprinkles 🙂 207 days ago

Pretty stoked about how my lasagna turned out. Extremely yummy.

sprinkles 🤐 209 days ago

Sorry I haven't updated in a long while... I have not been doing well. In any case, I am back, and going to set meself a reminder to update.

sprinkles 🌈 234 days ago

Yall it is a good morning

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