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21 y/o nonbinary fella from germany. pan, poly, nerd, gnu/linux user, retro web enthusiast, linguist by trade and hobby.
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sprinkles 🌈 6 days ago

Yall it is a good morning

sprinkles ☕️ 7 days ago

Frustrated by the recent yields, I wanted to improve my coffee and accidentally did a 1:10 brew. AAAAAAA this feels like biting into a bean.

sprinkles 🍺 8 days ago

I got drunk off of two beers, where did the time go? D:

sprinkles 🤒 10 days ago

I think I am getting sick. Throat hurts.

sprinkles 🤐 10 days ago

Today will be a slow day. I'll still be running from my responsibilities, but it'll be a slow day.

sprinkles 🥰 11 days ago

I didn't know I'd get a stimulus check for the current gas crisis!! I got double the money this month! Holy shit!

sprinkles 🙂 12 days ago

I just showered and now I feel much better. I was gone from StatusCafe for a while because I was not doing well, but now I am good again!

sprinkles 😭 17 days ago

My gf spilled coffee all over her keyboard and now it won't work, she stubbed her toe and my food was too spicy for her. everything sucks

sprinkles 🙂 18 days ago

It's a bit cooler now, thank god. My partner is back home and we had pizza, but I still feel like she can't stand being around me.

sprinkles ❤️ 18 days ago

Good morning! Today my partner will come home from vacation. Can't wait!

sprinkles 🥱 19 days ago

Hi, good morning! I finally have more time now to update this more regularly again since I am now back home.

sprinkles 🔥 21 days ago

Why is it so hot here? AAAAAAA

sprinkles 🙂 22 days ago

Feeling comfortable!

sprinkles ✈️ 25 days ago

Haven't updated for a while but that's because I am at a destination wedding. :) I'm doing fine!

sprinkles 🚄 26 days ago

I'm on a train ghigga choo choo! (On my way to the wedding I was invited to)

sprinkles 😶 26 days ago

Extremely strong paranoia and dissociation, barely any tasks done, I feel like I am in a surreal purgatory.

sprinkles 🍕 27 days ago

Belly stuffed, belly happy.

sprinkles 🎨 27 days ago

I think it is time to spread the retro web revival movement to the analog space too. Record mixtapes, DIY, leave your smartphone behind.

sprinkles 😭 27 days ago

Half way through my breakfast I notice the bread was moldy... FML

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