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soulcruzer 🙂 165 days ago

until my mind resurfaces

soulcruzer 📖 165 days ago

i'm not exactly sure where my mind is this morning. i'm having a slow start. maybe i'll just bury my head in a book for a while until my min

soulcruzer 😴 165 days ago

my body is still getting used to the time change.

soulcruzer 🥹 166 days ago

sometimes, i get tired of little minds.

soulcruzer 📖 166 days ago

I am currently re-reading matthew zapruder's book, 'why poetry'

soulcruzer 😎 166 days ago

chillin on a sunday morning, how's the song go: i ain't got no worries, 'cause i ain't no hurries at all

soulcruzer 🙂 172 days ago

reading georgina colby's book kathy acker called writing the impossible.

soulcruzer 🙂 177 days ago

04:16 early start. heading down to london today.

soulcruzer 🙂 178 days ago

even better where have i been?

soulcruzer 🙂 513 days ago

feeling connected to story

soulcruzer 🙂 514 days ago

learning from the great alan moore

soulcruzer 🙂 515 days ago

trying to muster up some inspiration

soulcruzer 🙂 527 days ago

I'm counting on words to save me.

soulcruzer 🙂 528 days ago

finally settling down to get some work done

soulcruzer 🔥 530 days ago

early morning blogging

soulcruzer 🙂 532 days ago

i love it, people are starting to refer to accesses apps outside of vr headset as flatland

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