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social artist, microblogger, latent existentialist, webmaster, VR & metaverse enthusiast...currently exploring the intersection of technology, philosophy and the metaverse | Chaotic Neutral | ENFP | High Yellow


soulcruzer 🙂 129 days ago

feeling connected to story

soulcruzer 🙂 130 days ago

learning from the great alan moore

soulcruzer 🙂 131 days ago

trying to muster up some inspiration

soulcruzer 🙂 143 days ago

I'm counting on words to save me.

soulcruzer 🙂 144 days ago

finally settling down to get some work done

soulcruzer 🔥 146 days ago

early morning blogging

soulcruzer 🙂 148 days ago

i love it, people are starting to refer to accesses apps outside of vr headset as flatland

soulcruzer 🙂 148 days ago

I have to stop putting limits on myself

soulcruzer 🥺 149 days ago

dang, i forgot about my wobble, i haven't feed him in weeks

soulcruzer 🙂 149 days ago

questioning my mission

soulcruzer 🙂 152 days ago

fired up for monday

soulcruzer 🙂 153 days ago

getting some audio editing done

soulcruzer 🙂 154 days ago

easing into saturday morning

soulcruzer 🙂 155 days ago

time for a bit of adventure

soulcruzer 🤔 156 days ago

If I reject the past, am I lost?

soulcruzer 🙂 156 days ago

i'm really enjoying The Ring of Power...epic

soulcruzer 🙂 157 days ago

if it wasn't cold out, i would go lie in the grass...i'm in tha kind of mood

soulcruzer 🙂 158 days ago

waiting for a meeting to start

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