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social artist, microblogger, latent existentialist, webmaster, VR & metaverse enthusiast...currently exploring the intersection of technology, philosophy and the metaverse | Chaotic Neutral | ENFP | High Yellow


soulcruzer 🙂 234 days ago

waiting for a meeting to start

soulcruzer 🙂 236 days ago

awareness becoming aware of awareness, that's something to play around with today

soulcruzer 🙃 236 days ago

having a chilled day after an adventurous day out on the mountains

soulcruzer 🙂 238 days ago

getting ready for an adventurous weekend

soulcruzer 🥳 238 days ago

is it party time yet?

soulcruzer 🥺 239 days ago

my brain is feeling a little bit squashed today, after this meeting, i need to go get some fresh air

soulcruzer 🤔 240 days ago

a lot of thinking to do today

soulcruzer 🙂 241 days ago

time to get in the game

soulcruzer 😯 241 days ago

my cat either brought home a HUGE mouse or a baby rat

soulcruzer 🙂 242 days ago

my brain has gone all mushy

soulcruzer 🤔 243 days ago

the obvious isn't always obvious

soulcruzer 🙂 243 days ago

looking for doorways to new possibilities

soulcruzer 🙂 243 days ago

letting go of some old thinking patterns so i can make room for new thinking patterns

soulcruzer 🙂 247 days ago

the quiet before the storm

soulcruzer 📚 248 days ago

getting my morning reading done

soulcruzer 🙂 248 days ago

packed and ready to go for my trip tomorrow

soulcruzer 🙂 248 days ago

my butt has been parked in this chair too long...time to get up and move

soulcruzer 🙂 249 days ago

feeling good about how the day flowed

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