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get in the water, sink or swim


soulcruzer 🙂 94 days ago

rediscovered my love of pen and paper journaling

soulcruzer 😯 99 days ago

still reeling from the moment of clarity i had yesterday

soulcruzer 🙂 101 days ago

I've had an extremely focused day

soulcruzer 🙂 105 days ago

over the moon with excitement for life, the universe, and everything!

soulcruzer 🙂 106 days ago

some interesting things are happening in the world of spirit

soulcruzer 🔥 108 days ago

a smooth morning of flow

soulcruzer 🙂 109 days ago

feeling grounded in spirit

soulcruzer 🙂 111 days ago

time to get serious about life.

soulcruzer 😯 112 days ago

as much as i don't want to wish my life away, i sure am looking forward to the weekend!

soulcruzer 👀 117 days ago

focused and on point. just finished writing a post on helen keller and life as a daring adventure.

soulcruzer 🙂 117 days ago

Feeling a bit ambivalent. Wrestling with a drain problem. Not how you want to spend your Saturday afternoon.

soulcruzer 🌧️ 120 days ago

adjusting to the rhythm of the rain

soulcruzer 🙂 125 days ago

I hope you get some space today to quiet your mind and feel your flow.

soulcruzer 🙂 127 days ago

i must remember to relax my death grip on logic and instead embrace the more powerful tool of intuition.

soulcruzer 🙂 130 days ago

a great start to the week

soulcruzer 🙂 132 days ago

solitude returns priceless gifts of insight.

soulcruzer ❤️ 134 days ago

ready for a day of peace, love, and joy.

soulcruzer 🙂 134 days ago

i'm happy with the new design of the website.

soulcruzer 🙂 148 days ago

laughing to keep from crying.

soulcruzer 😇 149 days ago

Finding Balance on the Spiritual Path

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