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hi, i'm sol (they/them), i'm an artist and i love hanging around the smolweb

as well as my webpage on neocities, i also post on gemini at my capsule silica dreams. and on good old tumblr, of course

i'm currently working on my bachelor's thesis so that's mostly what you'll see me talk about here haha


solflo 🥳 63 days ago

thesis DONE babey im basically officially a neet now !! ^v^

solflo 😶 72 days ago

oughh in the trenches, i have to send an email but i no longer have the energy because i had to write one (1) extra paragraph on my thesis

solflo 🎱 83 days ago

language is far too treacherous, simply read my mind instead

solflo 💀 111 days ago

ooough the misery

solflo 🥳 115 days ago

finally put the vampire body horror thing up, even if it's rather shallow / incomplete. feels good to accept it for what it is

solflo 💀 117 days ago

i think it must feel amazing to shed an exoskeleton

solflo 💻 119 days ago

ough trying to figure out 3d transforms has turned my brain into goo. might just give up lmao

solflo 💀 134 days ago

succumbing to the horrors ^-^

solflo 💻 141 days ago

finally getting a little more work done on my thesis. slow and steady, right?

solflo 😭 148 days ago

so entirely uninspired i wish i were a lizard eating fruit and basking in the sun

solflo 👽 167 days ago

no thoughts only nope (2022) !!!!!!!

solflo 🔥 178 days ago

that feeling when there's something you really wanna draw but don't quite have the skill level for (ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ(ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ(ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ

solflo 👽 212 days ago

i wanna rest but i also wanna write about vampires... tricky

solflo 😎 220 days ago

allowing myself to keep vibing for the rest of the day rather than finish up these slides

solflo 😶 225 days ago

wanna be independent so bad but wow do i get anxiety about doing stuff and going places all by myself -_-

solflo 💀 231 days ago


solflo ✨ 234 days ago

feeling like an essential npc rn i'll be riding this high for a while

solflo 😴 238 days ago

OOF two whole hours and i'm only 60% done with this scan. gonna have dinner and charge my laptop

solflo 🤔 239 days ago

i could swear i had the right elastic for this project... this is why i don't trust people who say they made something entirely from stash

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