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hi, i'm sol (they/them), i'm an artist and i love hanging around the smolweb

as well as my webpage on neocities, i also post on gemini at my capsule silica dreams. and on good old tumblr, of course

i'm currently working on my bachelor's thesis so that's mostly what you'll see me talk about here haha


solflo 💻 6 days ago

finally getting a little more work done on my thesis. slow and steady, right?

solflo 😭 13 days ago

so entirely uninspired i wish i were a lizard eating fruit and basking in the sun

solflo 👽 32 days ago

no thoughts only nope (2022) !!!!!!!

solflo 🔥 44 days ago

that feeling when there's something you really wanna draw but don't quite have the skill level for (ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ(ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ(ノ ̄皿 ̄)ノ

solflo 👽 77 days ago

i wanna rest but i also wanna write about vampires... tricky

solflo 😎 85 days ago

allowing myself to keep vibing for the rest of the day rather than finish up these slides

solflo 😶 91 days ago

wanna be independent so bad but wow do i get anxiety about doing stuff and going places all by myself -_-

solflo 💀 96 days ago


solflo ✨ 99 days ago

feeling like an essential npc rn i'll be riding this high for a while

solflo 😴 103 days ago

OOF two whole hours and i'm only 60% done with this scan. gonna have dinner and charge my laptop

solflo 🤔 105 days ago

i could swear i had the right elastic for this project... this is why i don't trust people who say they made something entirely from stash

solflo 📺 108 days ago

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION X IN THE PLAYSTATION 2 BABEYYY!!!! i missed it sm!! (also my dog's currently laying on the dance pad)

solflo 📺 109 days ago

so stoked i finally bought a ps2!! i really miss playing ddrx!! (also fun fact i still think the ps4 is cutting-edge recent)

solflo 🤐 110 days ago

i have suuuuuch a bad habit of sewing just like. hours after i've vacuumed my bedroom... there are threads everywhere

solflo 💀 112 days ago

ughhhhhh gotta switch to windows to work on art. cringe. wish sai worked on linux more than anything in the world

solflo 👽 112 days ago

big diversity win that lumon industries has gender neutral bathrooms

solflo 😴 113 days ago

feel like i should write at least a little bit but also i don't wanna overwork myself... i mean it's sunday... think i'll watch a movie

solflo 💀 114 days ago

properly formatting citations is the worst thing in the entire world ever. death to academic text standards

solflo 💀 117 days ago

boutta enter my crunch era -_-

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