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hi, i'm sol (they/them), i'm an artist and i love hanging around the smolweb

as well as my webpage on neocities, i also post on gemini at my capsule silica dreams. and on good old tumblr and cohost, of course

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solflo 💀 10 days ago

(crumbles into dust)

solflo 💤 22 days ago

moving sucks huh

solflo 🤖 48 days ago

cause of death: had to use online powerpoint instead of google slides

solflo ✏️ 86 days ago

hehe got some more writing done for the nonexistent knight yuri. things are shaping up methinks!

solflo 💀 95 days ago

it's so over

solflo 😎 103 days ago

new css ^_^

solflo 🙃 127 days ago

now that the initial annoyance of tearing this skirt has passed, im more bummed that i wont be able to buy thread to mend it till monday

solflo 🙃 133 days ago

wearing ruffly clothes is so fun but by god i hate gathering fabric so much (also no sewing emoji?)

solflo 💀 142 days ago

uh oh i feel like redoing my art gallery page... right in the middle of a wrist pain spell -_-

solflo 👀 219 days ago

hope i can narrow down designs for my nonexistent knight yuri this weekend :3

solflo 🙂 226 days ago

oops, keep forgetting to update my status. and my bio! so here's a placeholder neutral thing lol

solflo 🥳 298 days ago

thesis DONE babey im basically officially a neet now !! ^v^

solflo 😶 307 days ago

oughh in the trenches, i have to send an email but i no longer have the energy because i had to write one (1) extra paragraph on my thesis

solflo 🎱 318 days ago

language is far too treacherous, simply read my mind instead

solflo 💀 346 days ago

ooough the misery

solflo 🥳 350 days ago

finally put the vampire body horror thing up, even if it's rather shallow / incomplete. feels good to accept it for what it is

solflo 💀 352 days ago

i think it must feel amazing to shed an exoskeleton

solflo 💻 354 days ago

ough trying to figure out 3d transforms has turned my brain into goo. might just give up lmao

solflo 💀 369 days ago

succumbing to the horrors ^-^

solflo 💻 376 days ago

finally getting a little more work done on my thesis. slow and steady, right?

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