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sol * they/them


solflo 😶 5 days ago

thesis progress: wrote like. 3.5 paragraphs this afternoon. girl help.

solflo 🥳 10 days ago

whew setting up linux has sure been. but it's nice and cozy now! just like moving houses ^^

solflo 💀 17 days ago

what if a formerly unknown animal species suddenly devoured shitty politicians and billionaires in a public, gross and metal way?

solflo 😭 26 days ago

nooo i dont wanna go to dance class i wanna fuck around on gemini :(

solflo 📺 28 days ago

wanted to work on a links page for my site, i keep putting it offffff also i haven't even linked to my page lol fuck js

solflo 💀 33 days ago

godddddd im so fucking tired. that health do be mental

solflo ✨ 69 days ago

first status! just vibing <3