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hi, i'm sol (they/them), i'm an artist and i love hanging around the smolweb

as well as my webpage on neocities, i also post on gemini at my capsule silica dreams. and on good old tumblr and cohost, of course


solflo 😴 286 days ago

OOF two whole hours and i'm only 60% done with this scan. gonna have dinner and charge my laptop

solflo 🤔 287 days ago

i could swear i had the right elastic for this project... this is why i don't trust people who say they made something entirely from stash

solflo 📺 290 days ago

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION X IN THE PLAYSTATION 2 BABEYYY!!!! i missed it sm!! (also my dog's currently laying on the dance pad)

solflo 📺 292 days ago

so stoked i finally bought a ps2!! i really miss playing ddrx!! (also fun fact i still think the ps4 is cutting-edge recent)

solflo 🤐 293 days ago

i have suuuuuch a bad habit of sewing just like. hours after i've vacuumed my bedroom... there are threads everywhere

solflo 💀 294 days ago

ughhhhhh gotta switch to windows to work on art. cringe. wish sai worked on linux more than anything in the world

solflo 👽 295 days ago

big diversity win that lumon industries has gender neutral bathrooms

solflo 😴 296 days ago

feel like i should write at least a little bit but also i don't wanna overwork myself... i mean it's sunday... think i'll watch a movie

solflo 💀 297 days ago

properly formatting citations is the worst thing in the entire world ever. death to academic text standards

solflo 💀 300 days ago

boutta enter my crunch era -_-

solflo 💀 302 days ago

waiting until 24h have passed since my last update so neocities can properly send a notif for today's post

solflo ☕ 306 days ago

i feel i deserve to develop a mild caffeine addiction. i earned it. i'm so tired

solflo 😶 314 days ago

thesis progress: wrote like. 3.5 paragraphs this afternoon. girl help.

solflo 🥳 319 days ago

whew setting up linux has sure been. but it's nice and cozy now! just like moving houses ^^

solflo 💀 326 days ago

what if a formerly unknown animal species suddenly devoured shitty politicians and billionaires in a public, gross and metal way?

solflo 😭 335 days ago

nooo i dont wanna go to dance class i wanna fuck around on gemini :(

solflo 📺 337 days ago

wanted to work on a links page for my site, i keep putting it offffff also i haven't even linked to my page lol fuck js

solflo ✨ 378 days ago

first status! just vibing <3

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