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snifflebear 🎮 127 days ago

i signed up on everskies for the cute pixel art dressup but now i am just overwhelmed xD

snifflebear 🍱 129 days ago

Working on a bento diary page 🍳🍅🥕

snifflebear 🎮 130 days ago

im so excited for Fantasy Life 2 this summer tbh i might be overhyping myself then get disappointed orz

snifflebear 🌧️ 130 days ago

after 2 weeks i finally have a new post on my blog? i try to make writing as low effort as possible so it wont feel like a chore.

snifflebear ❤️ 131 days ago


snifflebear 🐶 133 days ago

Not my samsung phone updating and changed emojis pls 😣

snifflebear 🙂 134 days ago

Today i will continue to crochet on my tote bag project ♡

snifflebear 🍙 134 days ago

craving for some hot food but im lazyy

snifflebear 🐱 134 days ago

I love cats so much!!!!

snifflebear 🙂 136 days ago

Crocheting granny squares is so fun 🫶🏻💕✨️ until you have to sew them all together 😒😪😤

snifflebear 🎮 137 days ago

Fashion dreamer event ends in 2 days but no motivation to grind it 😬

snifflebear 🎮 138 days ago

Meow suddenly ddv is fun to play again?

snifflebear 🌙 140 days ago

I wish i could crochet all day tbh!

snifflebear 🎮 143 days ago

waking up realising i pulled Ruan Mei last night woahh

snifflebear ✨ 147 days ago

snifflehubby surprising me with a petkit puramax automatic litterbox! 😭😭

snifflebear 🥺 148 days ago

i miss grinding hard in games!

snifflebear 🤒 149 days ago

Lying in bed with a hot water bottle on my butt to stop the evil butt cramps 😤😤

snifflebear 🤒 149 days ago

Still not feeling well + my period cramps has decided to join in the party 🥲

snifflebear 🤒 155 days ago

Currently ill. Throat pains cough and chest tightness 🥲

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