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snifflebear ✈️ 49 days ago

Excited to come back home i miss mi cats and bed 🥹🫶🏻💕

snifflebear 🙂 58 days ago

Btw my main source of stress for 3months has passed and im feeling much better 🥹

snifflebear 😯 58 days ago

My presson nails going strong at 2 weeks! 🎀🧸

snifflebear ✨ 65 days ago

im entering my binder era. binder for stickers, press on nails, yarn swatches, photos, etc.. OwO

snifflebear 👀 65 days ago

Why did i let my husband convince me to do a juice cleanse im craving so much greasy food

snifflebear 🌧️ 76 days ago

im finally doing laundry after a month and a is a miracle that i can even take out the rubbish once a week..

snifflebear 😂 78 days ago

Me and my husband dreamt about each other last night 😂 but mercury retrogade style: we was both cheating on each other 😂

snifflebear 🙃 85 days ago

Frogging a crochet project with acrylic + mohair yarn is a rite of passage 🥲

snifflebear 📺 91 days ago

just waiting for my food then watching the last ep of apothecary diaries s01!

snifflebear 💤 98 days ago

I wanted to read before sleeping but suddenly it's 3am...

snifflebear ✨ 99 days ago

I usually feel frustrated with my own art but the DIY folio for my e-ink really turned out so cute and so ME 🧸🌷

snifflebear 🌧️ 100 days ago

i think imma nap then brainstorm my next crochet piece

snifflebear ☕️ 100 days ago

No im just glad status cafe's emoji sidebar is fixed

snifflebear 📺 100 days ago

Both excited and sad for the last 2 eps of Apothecary Diaries S01 🫣🥲

snifflebear 🙂 101 days ago

Yesterday i officially finished the granny square bag ive been working on! ♡

snifflebear 🙃 113 days ago

i want to update my blog but my energy is on an all time low..

snifflebear 🎮 118 days ago

Nightingale has been surprisingly fun even though i hate how characters render in game vs on character customisation.

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