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snifflebear 📖 5 days ago

I finished reading my first book in a long while! ♡

snifflebear 🤖 7 days ago

i fr dont want to leave the house today tbh

snifflebear 😂 10 days ago

my brain is so empty today

snifflebear 😱 10 days ago

nooo i ran out of instant coffee

snifflebear 😯 15 days ago

having problems with my image hosting site.. its been buggy for years but i simply put up with it.. now i think im ready to leave!

snifflebear 🥳 16 days ago

My eink tablet arrived yesterday ♡ excited to read!

snifflebear 🥺 17 days ago

Crying because i love our cats so much

snifflebear 😂 22 days ago

About to make bad financial decisions

snifflebear 🐱 22 days ago

My cats miss meee and i miss them tooo (they're just in the other room)

snifflebear 🥳 23 days ago

I am FREE and can chill again 🥰

snifflebear 😴 25 days ago

2pm on a monday and she's already tired yes i am she

snifflebear 🙃 26 days ago

Sadge the 2nd hand ereader ive been keeping tabs on got purchased today

snifflebear 🐶 27 days ago

Basically my whole day is figuring out which digital note taking app on android is best for me 🍅

snifflebear ❄️ 28 days ago

Somatic freeze whole evening

snifflebear ❄️ 28 days ago

Its so comfy and warm under the sheets aaah i dont wanna get up

snifflebear 📰 29 days ago

Researching e-ink devices!

snifflebear 🐱 31 days ago

good morning, getting nails done today + meetup w/ mi friend ✨

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