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she/they. unfurling like a banner or a pair of wings.


smallbird 🤔 225 days ago

probably I should eat breakfast.

smallbird ✨ 238 days ago

job that fired me on friday can eat shit since i got another opportunity on lock within a day

smallbird 😶 241 days ago

i'm feeling the agonies

smallbird 🤔 241 days ago

I desperately need my bangs trimmed and these days I mostly do them myself, but I have to decide how I want to cut them...

smallbird 💻 241 days ago

i can't believe maia arson crimew is who i want to be when i grow up and it's a decade younger than me

smallbird 💻 242 days ago

i'm in bugfix hell

smallbird 🎲 244 days ago

god actually i missed running roleplaying games

smallbird 😭 244 days ago

ohhhh my god i feel so much better now that i have an answer on something i was waiting for today

smallbird ❄️ 245 days ago

finally some good heckin snow

smallbird 😴 245 days ago

stayed up way too late and woke up way too early but can't say it hasn't been a good time