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she/they. unfurling like a banner or a pair of wings.


smallbird 🍷 8 days ago

good valentines' day 'v'

smallbird 💤 65 days ago

sleepy bitch disease

smallbird 💤 74 days ago

i personally feel like i should get another weekend day. i deserve it

smallbird ☕️ 95 days ago

i gotta stop. like. tuning out at work meetings when i'm tired

smallbird 👀 101 days ago

man they left the most interesting stuff of this course until like. the last three-ish chapters lmao

smallbird 🤖 101 days ago

you ever have an experience so frustrating you're suddenly energized to do a lot of work to avoid ever having to deal with it again

smallbird 🙃 107 days ago

healthcare dot gov reminding me that i could get a great plan with them and truly. i wish i could get out of this godforsaken insurance

smallbird 💻 107 days ago

i feel like this disaster recovery engineering course would be like 50% shorter if it didn't include so many acronyms

smallbird 🙃 111 days ago

hey kids you ever... depression

smallbird 💤 116 days ago

carly don't go to sleep at 3am challenge

smallbird 🎶 120 days ago

why is all the music for memento mori so good when the game is just so nothing

smallbird 💻 120 days ago

set up my little cat lamp next to my working space and it's making working at least 25% better...

smallbird 🤔 377 days ago

probably I should eat breakfast.

smallbird ✨ 389 days ago

job that fired me on friday can eat shit since i got another opportunity on lock within a day

smallbird 😶 392 days ago

i'm feeling the agonies

smallbird 🤔 393 days ago

I desperately need my bangs trimmed and these days I mostly do them myself, but I have to decide how I want to cut them...

smallbird 💻 393 days ago

i can't believe maia arson crimew is who i want to be when i grow up and it's a decade younger than me

smallbird 💻 394 days ago

i'm in bugfix hell

smallbird 🎲 395 days ago

god actually i missed running roleplaying games

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