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she/they. unfurling like a banner or a pair of wings.


smallbird πŸ’€ 61 days ago

who has two thumbs and successfully managed to unfuck a perl install after an ubuntu upgrade

smallbird πŸ™‚ 70 days ago

do you ever just read linkedin and think that we should delete the internet

smallbird πŸ™ƒ 70 days ago

setting up a fiverr freelancer account because the job market seems Just That Bad. hurgle

smallbird πŸ₯± 71 days ago

HGHGHHGH I'm so tired

smallbird πŸ’€ 72 days ago

why am i awake. i should stop that

smallbird πŸ˜‡ 78 days ago

convinced at least 2-3 of my friends to get into neocities. tehe

smallbird 😴 79 days ago

making doctor appointments in the middle of the night because i guess it's not that hard to get into orthopædics??

smallbird πŸ’» 79 days ago

found a web host that'll do like most of my hosting at a fraction of the cost. incredible.

smallbird 🌱 80 days ago

looking at other people's webcliques like "i could do one that's like '[____] too is yuri'"

smallbird πŸ“– 104 days ago

as it turns out i do in fact really want to gtfo the tech industry.

smallbird πŸ“– 104 days ago

1.5 chapters left until i'm mostly prepared for this exam... soon..........

smallbird 🍷 129 days ago

good valentines' day 'v'

smallbird πŸ’€ 185 days ago

sleepy bitch disease

smallbird πŸ’€ 195 days ago

i personally feel like i should get another weekend day. i deserve it

smallbird β˜•οΈ 216 days ago

i gotta stop. like. tuning out at work meetings when i'm tired

smallbird πŸ‘€ 222 days ago

man they left the most interesting stuff of this course until like. the last three-ish chapters lmao

smallbird πŸ€– 222 days ago

you ever have an experience so frustrating you're suddenly energized to do a lot of work to avoid ever having to deal with it again

smallbird πŸ™ƒ 228 days ago

healthcare dot gov reminding me that i could get a great plan with them and truly. i wish i could get out of this godforsaken insurance

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