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Not defined
Esa or something, he/she btw
random thoughts and feelings
totally most sane and normal girl ever :3 (trust me bro)
undiagnosed mental illness simulator


shittyalucardplushie πŸŒ™ 72 days ago

hehehe,, the peak experience. waiting for someone to be done with work so you can steal their mouse

shittyalucardplushie πŸŒ™ 99 days ago

someone ought to fucking congratulate me with how much bullshit i take without smacking someone

shittyalucardplushie πŸ™‚ 106 days ago

you know for it being called easytcg, it sure is a pain in the ass

shittyalucardplushie πŸŒ™ 119 days ago

i want to be the noose that holds you, i want to be the rot under your skin

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