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Esa or something, he/she btw
random thoughts and feelings
totally most sane and normal girl ever :3 (trust me bro)
undiagnosed mental illness simulator


shittyalucardplushie 🌧️ 170 days ago

hate my brains reaction to getting annoyed wdym i deserve a thousand deaths for getting slightly irritated

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 170 days ago

i need to exude the same amount of shameless faggot flamboyance as peter burns does. kills everyone

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 176 days ago

i hate not being able to drink cold stuff cause the rest of the family were weak enough to get sick. kills everyone

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 176 days ago

as my family prospers, i feel myself rotting from the inside

shittyalucardplushie 🙂 176 days ago

just me and my pinboard of "pretty guys who I'd absolutely go crazy with lust if i ever saw them irl" against the world

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 179 days ago

sometimes i cant tell if my mothers trying to take care of me or she's trying to make fun of me

shittyalucardplushie 🙂 179 days ago

iloveee my chest hurnting for no reason (the world is out to get me)

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 179 days ago

love thinking everythings a delusion cause of the previous ones you've had

shittyalucardplushie 🙂 181 days ago

i amm sooooo normal would ypu belive me if i sid i was normal causei would

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 181 days ago

i hate this bastard so much. but i love him so much also. screams

shittyalucardplushie ❤️ 183 days ago

im so happy no-one i know will ever find this. i hate being so vulnerable to those people i know. my minds on rapid fire and its screaming

shittyalucardplushie 🌙 183 days ago

even if i dont have time for hobbies anymore i take up the space i ought to spend doing something useful

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