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dog that meows :3c


shinyexe 🎮 65 days ago

sos shiny hunting in a randomizer is worse than medieval torture

shinyexe 💀 66 days ago

i wanna watch a ton of horror movies for october, but i have such a hard time focusing on movies aaauuuuuu

shinyexe 🍦 69 days ago

i am in desperate need of sweets and treats

shinyexe 💤 70 days ago

damn i must be a real heavy sleeper. i had no idea my parents fought and my stepmom called the cops again lol

shinyexe ✨ 75 days ago

aaaaaa i just found a shiny psyduck in pokemon sleep!!!

shinyexe ❤️ 76 days ago

neocities is helping me overcome my anxiety more than therapy ever did

shinyexe 💤 81 days ago

ouuuughhh i just slept thru the whole day man, i've gotta stop doing that

shinyexe 😶 85 days ago

got prescribed an inhaler for the first time ever. that's cool, i guess.

shinyexe 😶 85 days ago

going to the doctor today. um, yippee?

shinyexe ✈️ 87 days ago

turn on the tv, they hit the pentagon!!!

shinyexe 🎮 88 days ago

just started my first ever pokemon nuzlocke! i'm so so scared and excited :3

shinyexe ❄️ 89 days ago

happy cirno day!!!

shinyexe 🌧️ 89 days ago

severe storm just came out of nowhere and knocked out my power lol

shinyexe 😭 92 days ago

java is being so so mean 2 me. i wanna randomize some pokemon but the randomizer won't launch and i haven't found a solution yet :<

shinyexe 🥳 94 days ago

todaybor day is labor day!

shinyexe 🥳 95 days ago

happy 25th birthday to metal gear solid!!!!!

shinyexe 🥳 98 days ago

happy birthday hatsune miku!!!

shinyexe 🎮 101 days ago

auuuuu i still have 2 finish my pkmn black randomizer, but grinding for the elite four is sooo annoying

shinyexe 🥰 105 days ago

helping people feels nice, i hope it'll help me get over my anxiety

shinyexe 🙃 106 days ago

hate my anxiety so so much! i just wanna talk 2 people about my hyperfixation but my brain wont let me start conversations

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