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dog that meows :3c


shinyexe 🌙 5 days ago

eclipse moment

shinyexe 🤒 16 days ago

god gives his weakest soldiers (me) his toughest battles (tummy ache)

shinyexe 🌱 18 days ago

rip deux face, the beautiful two-faced calf :'(

shinyexe 😎 20 days ago

excited to finally get glasses, and hopefully not suffer as much eyestrain :P

shinyexe 😴 23 days ago

trying to keep up w/ everything... trying not to fall asleep again...

shinyexe 🥳 46 days ago


shinyexe ✨ 62 days ago

new eeveelution: sparkleon. is this anything?

shinyexe 😭 65 days ago

always so many things i wanna do at once. too many things...

shinyexe 🎮 81 days ago

mgs2 raiden in fortnite let's fucking gooooooooo

shinyexe 📺 84 days ago

god help me im actually gettin invested in those mlp infection aus

shinyexe 😭 95 days ago

times i've cried over metal gear solid in the past few days: 3

shinyexe ❄️ 102 days ago

fuck global warming bro i wanna see snow again

shinyexe 🎮 111 days ago

autism win! i got the pokemon violet dlc!!

shinyexe 😭 123 days ago

E3 dying is my personal 9/11

shinyexe 😭 132 days ago

nooo fortnite nerfed solid snake's ass T_T

shinyexe 🎮 134 days ago

i dont even play fortnite but god i hope the solid snake leak is real

shinyexe 🎮 140 days ago

finally got pokemon violet. time 2 shift into full autism mode

shinyexe 🎲 146 days ago

everything in this world is part of my game

shinyexe 🙂 151 days ago

i wish i could pet a seal

shinyexe 😭 157 days ago

wtf omegle is dead???

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