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shinyexe 🎮 27 days ago

tomodachi life on the switch announcement today? please?

shinyexe 💻 32 days ago

witnessing the horrors in real time (again)

shinyexe ❤️ 41 days ago

need someone to be a freak w me pleeease

shinyexe 💻 46 days ago

changed my mind, internet drama is actually very funny

shinyexe 💻 47 days ago

another day another horror

shinyexe 🌈 57 days ago

being unemployed is literally so awesome

shinyexe 🎁 59 days ago

epic birthday today hurray! :D

shinyexe 🥳 60 days ago

turning 19 tomorrow yippee :3

shinyexe 💻 61 days ago

man i miss when the interwebz were fun, the enshittification of the net sucks so much

shinyexe ❤️ 62 days ago

giggling and kicking my feet bc ppl actually enjoy what i do online

shinyexe 🙂 65 days ago

smiling friends season 2 tomorrow lets fucking goooooo

shinyexe 😶 66 days ago

oh god bro im gonna be 19 in less than a week

shinyexe 🎲 67 days ago

having a constantly switching and changing identity feels weird. but whatevs bro

shinyexe 🍏 68 days ago

really just have no thoughts rn. brain empty. apple.

shinyexe 🤖 70 days ago

man, i'm getting so tired of the overuse of lame generative ai shit

shinyexe 🐶 73 days ago

robowan my beloved

shinyexe 😭 74 days ago

only real men cry over a 15 yr old touhou project fan series

shinyexe 😶 74 days ago

why do the nightmares keep coming back

shinyexe 🙂 75 days ago

capitalism is the root of all our problems. anyways im gonna go play pokemon

shinyexe 🎮 77 days ago

"...April 30th?"

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