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sen šŸ± 2 days ago

summer semester soon... when will i be free

sen šŸ± 6 days ago

it's that season again... the yearly two weeks where i play maplestory nonstop

sen šŸ± 11 days ago

i need every piece of internet drama astroturfed from my mind eternal sunshine style

sen šŸ± 12 days ago

the things iā€™d do to become one of her lice

sen šŸ± 15 days ago

one more homework assignment left :D but it's linalg D:

sen šŸ± 16 days ago

$32k medical bill became $50 šŸ„³ woohoo

sen šŸ± 17 days ago

burnt my tongue on chowder today. joyless world

sen šŸ± 20 days ago

like 200+ idolmaster characters in my brain and it's the ABC sitcom white woman who makes my ovaries do backflips. why even live

sen šŸ± 22 days ago

monopolies are bad but i would appreciate it if everyone on earth would kindly use the same browser as me so that my site will look nice

sen šŸ± 26 days ago

friendship ended with Overleaf... now LaTeX Workshop is my best friend

sen šŸ± 26 days ago

*snarls and shows my fangs* *eyes turn red* DON'T.... FREAKING...... TOUCH HER!!!!!!!!! *pounces at you (doesn't miss)*

sen šŸ± 29 days ago

sometimes i wanna talk to other yumes but i wonder if my love is too different. like going to a Weight Watchers meeting as a krokodil addict

sen šŸ± 36 days ago

Hello /u/Sexpest445. Thank you for participating in r/AskWomen

sen šŸ± 41 days ago

save me sexy white lady from abbott elementary... sexy white lady from abbott elementary save me...