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saltuarium 😶 4 days ago

took a picture of a weird tree to try to ID it later and my phone just told me what it is unprompted. kinda disturbing

saltuarium 😎 5 days ago

figured out what my problem was. i'm a coding god

saltuarium 🤐 5 days ago

i want to ask for help with html stuff but i know it's really basic stuff i should know so reddit will just downvote me again

saltuarium 💀 5 days ago

shouldn't've watched the newest iwtv episode so late i don't want to sleep i want to think abt my beautiful princess with a disorder (louis)

saltuarium 🥳 6 days ago

i love clown meat my friend clown meat

saltuarium 🍙 11 days ago

i think something in my brain just switched and now i like avocado? what happened

saltuarium 🥺 13 days ago

i missed the northern lights bc i assumed they wouldn't be visible where i live.........

saltuarium 🥺 16 days ago

ough ouch ow my knees

saltuarium 🤔 17 days ago

why is all my text all the way over there. stretch out a little. make yourself comfortable

saltuarium 🍕 18 days ago

just tried pineapple on pizza for the first time and i gotta say it's ridiculous that this is a point of contention. it's good man

saltuarium 👀 21 days ago

it's silencing absolute hill out there

saltuarium 📺 22 days ago

i love movies. don't watch them though. every day i watch fewer movies than you could ever imagine.

saltuarium 💀 23 days ago

oh god too much cumin. send help

saltuarium 😎 24 days ago

everybody do the wenis. the wenis is a dance. everybody is a genius, who knows it in advance

saltuarium 🙃 24 days ago

thought this haircut would make me look cool and butch but instead i look like a middle school boy

saltuarium 😴 26 days ago

why do my existential crises all happen exclusively at 2AM when I'm trying to sleep. need more conveniently timed fear of mortality

saltuarium 🤔 27 days ago

in a parasocial relationship with a mutual on bookwyrm who hasn't posted in a month. I miss you internet stranger

saltuarium 🌧️ 29 days ago

I love rain I should get to have work off every time it rains...this is the weather for sleeping

saltuarium 😯 31 days ago

desperate acts of capitalism podcast has been back for 8 months and nobody told me???

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