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(Updated January 2023)

I am 15, an INTJ (MBTI personality), and go by he/him pronouns. I like making characters and backstories behind albums I love, coding (HTML, CSS, and willing to learn Python), and sometimes messing around in DAWs.


s4b3lz ✨ 22 days ago

Bought a levitation wand a bit ago because I dance around in my room. Can't wait to use it!

s4b3lz 🎮 26 days ago

Been working on a cookie selling game on Roblox Studio (yes Roblox Studio). Gonna try to work on the main mechanics when I get the time!

s4b3lz 🛼 54 days ago

I want new roller skates, and not blades, bc rollerblades suck. !!

s4b3lz 🍞 56 days ago

Lunch today: Grilled chizzle

s4b3lz 🤩 57 days ago

Also update on the ladder stitch cuff, I made two bracelets and a perler necklace.

s4b3lz 💻 57 days ago

I never realized that watching social media posts in my target language was much easier to comprehend than TV series/books.

s4b3lz 🙂 61 days ago

Made a pony bead water bottle holder! I'm going to attempt to make a ladder stitch (?) cuff.

s4b3lz 🥰 63 days ago

Look at my wonderful, emo son!

s4b3lz 🤔 67 days ago

Currently learning Python thoroughly, because why not lol.

s4b3lz 🙃 67 days ago

I just love school!

s4b3lz 🍣 68 days ago

Eating bacon :]

s4b3lz ✏️ 70 days ago

At school right now, not learning anything, lol!

s4b3lz 🎁 72 days ago

It's going to be my friend's birthday in half an hour. I hope they like my gift! :]

s4b3lz 👽 72 days ago

I forgot this site existed hee hee hee.

s4b3lz 😎 252 days ago

Just got introduced to this site, and I am very curious about the customization! Can't wait!