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🔡 an English learner
👩‍💻 a programmer
🖌️ a painter
🎮 a game player


rru 😛 459 days ago

reading SICP

rru 🙂 615 days ago

I will start my new job next Monday!

rru 🙂 627 days ago

updated my blog system

rru ✏️ 634 days ago

doing some leetcode problems, see later in one hour

rru 🤒 634 days ago

getting up, a little cold

rru ❤️ 634 days ago

@m15o Thanks for your like and for your outstanding status.cafe! ^_^

rru 👀 635 days ago

watching soap opera to kill time

rru ✨ 635 days ago

construct my colorscheme

rru 🐱 635 days ago

Hello, world!