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early 20s // she/her // baddest bitch, cannot be killed


riotgrrrlie ☀️ 43 days ago

we're having a heatwave again, can it pls stop, holy shit

riotgrrrlie 😡 44 days ago

we're having renovations done on the block and the sounds are making me homicidal

riotgrrrlie ❤️ 49 days ago

finally home again, time to crochet EVEN MOREEEE

riotgrrrlie 🥱 52 days ago

riding 3h in car for holiday after spending 4h on a train yesterday to get to my parents

riotgrrrlie 🌧️ 55 days ago

why is the weather so shitty

riotgrrrlie 💀 56 days ago

this hangover is truly something else huh

riotgrrrlie 🥱 57 days ago

gotta start getting ready to see a friend at her work but im feeling so lazyyyy, aint gonna go out looking not slay tho

riotgrrrlie 🧀 58 days ago

my food will be here soon im so excitedddd i could eat a horse

riotgrrrlie 😡 58 days ago

im so irritated and anxious at nothing today im so tired of myself

riotgrrrlie 🤒 58 days ago

my allergies are killing me what did i do to deserve this

riotgrrrlie 🤩 58 days ago

almost done with the second crochet bralette woooo

riotgrrrlie 😭 59 days ago

slept for like 12h despite coutless alarms, goddamnit

riotgrrrlie 💀 60 days ago

seeing the words "yaoi paddle" for the first time in years gave me psychic damage why would you do this im being so dramatic about this

riotgrrrlie 🍷 60 days ago

i love hammering new shoes into submission, feels like i'm in the XIXth century every time

riotgrrrlie 😭 60 days ago

had to unravel all of my work on the second crochet bra cup bc i miscounted the chains AT THE VERY BEGINNING, feeling like murder

riotgrrrlie 🥱 60 days ago

i have a gym thing at 17 (5pm american losers) and i dont wannaaaaa i wanna stay homeeeee but also like, i know ill regret not going so

riotgrrrlie 💀 60 days ago

overslept til 12, i hate this

riotgrrrlie 🥳 61 days ago

sent the draft to the supervisor, we slay, we party, we crochet until our fingers fall off

riotgrrrlie 🔥 61 days ago

ai text detector just marked stuff written BY ME as ai generated, i wanna throw something and bite a bitch

riotgrrrlie 💔 61 days ago

paris paloma - labour but its about me and my thesis supervisor

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