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early 20s // she/her // baddest bitch, cannot be killed


riotgrrrlie 🔥 331 days ago

ai text detector just marked stuff written BY ME as ai generated, i wanna throw something and bite a bitch

riotgrrrlie 💔 331 days ago

paris paloma - labour but its about me and my thesis supervisor

riotgrrrlie 😭 332 days ago

i'm just a little girlie, what have i done to deserve LABOUR

riotgrrrlie 💀 332 days ago

i wish stuff just girlbossed itself

riotgrrrlie 😡 332 days ago

i either forgot how to css or the code is being annoying just to spite me

riotgrrrlie 😎 332 days ago

started making my next crochet top, this time its extra slutty, vibing tho i should be crunching my thesis

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