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just a girl on the internet


ree 🥹 23 hours ago

I miss working on my website

ree 💡 23 hours ago

Constantly on survival mode

ree 🙂 1 day ago

i want to stream art but i blast copyrighted music & sing obnoxiously loud without a fuck given

ree ✏️ 1 day ago

testing out the coffee theory today

ree 💤 3 days ago

Am I doing the right thing?

ree 🙃 3 days ago

Feeling unsatisfied with relationships..

ree 💤 4 days ago

I can’t sleep.. it’s too hot

ree 🎬 4 days ago

I just gotta figure out how to enjoy filming & editing vlogs…

ree 🥹 4 days ago

I’m slowly figuring out what I wanna design….

ree 🌱 5 days ago

I feel so lonely even with people around me. it hurts.

ree 💡 8 days ago

I wanna try playing around with clay 💭

ree ✨ 8 days ago

Stream was fun yesterday

ree 🙃 9 days ago

I have $20 in my bank account

ree 🥺 9 days ago

I want to add colors on my site but I love the simplicity of neutral ones

ree ✏️ 9 days ago

Been actively drawing the past week! Happy happy

ree 🍣 11 days ago

Still craving samurai sushi…

ree 😭 11 days ago

I’ve been doomscrolling again the past few weeks…

ree 💤 11 days ago

Time moves so fast…

ree 🤒 11 days ago

The body pain is catching up again..

ree 🙃 12 days ago

There’s a dissonance between what I wanna do vs what I can do

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