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Hi I'm Merle :) 31, she/they, queer, furry


qrunchy 🎨 6 days ago

Got my tablet! Gonna have to relearn how to use a drawing tablet lol but I've been enjoying it so far

qrunchy 👀 7 days ago

My new Wacom tablet arrives today!! Gonna go crazy waiting for it to be delivered lol

qrunchy ❤️ 14 days ago

I've recently fallen into a Xenosaga obsession. I love Shion and KOS-MOS so much 🥺

qrunchy 🙂 14 days ago

I've recently fallen into a Xenosaga obsession. I love Shion and KOS-MOS so much 🥺

qrunchy 😛 43 days ago

Opened up a fourth save file in Sonic Adventure 2 because my current Chao gardens are getting packed lol. I don't have a problem I swear!

qrunchy 🤩 54 days ago

My new site design is done and it is live! Yippee! Really excited to keep adding more cool things to it

qrunchy 👀 56 days ago

Getting excited to launch my new site design soon! :D It's almost ready

qrunchy 💡 81 days ago

lol ok birthday fun is over, time to buckle down and focus on art fight!

qrunchy 🥳 82 days ago

It's my birthday! Yippee! 🥳🎂🎁🎉🎊

qrunchy 🎨 92 days ago

Getting so hype for art fight 2023! Can't stop talking to everyone I know about it haha

qrunchy 🐱 96 days ago

Had a lot of fun at Stratosfur this weekend! Met some cool folks, bought some neat art. I'm hooked on furry cons lol

qrunchy ☀️ 102 days ago

Things are looking up, we are pulling through this car wreck mess and starting to get back to normal 😌

qrunchy 🤩 109 days ago

I just found out there are now dog and butterfly mods for SAB2... I was already considering getting back into Chao garden but now I gotta!!

qrunchy 🤔 111 days ago

Learned a bit of CSS grid today. Gonna be working out if I can use it to better structure the site since I kind of hate flex box

qrunchy 🌈 113 days ago

I've been having fun making little pixel chao lately. I want to post them when I get a little collection together

qrunchy 😱 116 days ago

Partner wrecked her car this morning. D: She's okay thankfully with just a wrist fracture but we'll have to replace the car. 😅

qrunchy 👀 118 days ago

whenever I look at pixel adoptables I get the itch to make some of my own... could be fun to make some chao ones or something :>

qrunchy 💡 119 days ago

Learned about modding hair for FFXIV to help my wife with a conversion and now I'm feeling empowered to try my hand at it

qrunchy 😎 119 days ago

Ready for the three day weekend!!