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puppylove 😭 4 hours ago

Y'ever get the urge to complain even tho there ain't nothing wrong and you're just grumpy? Yeah

puppylove 😭 1 day ago

Nearly shit myself forgot it was Tuesday and not Wednesday and thought I overslept for work..

puppylove 🙂 2 days ago

Watching Walten Files again.. I love Jack's lil cartoon design. Perfect mix of toon and terrifying

puppylove 🤐 9 days ago

Playing the sims... Playing the sims playing the SIMS WOO!!

puppylove 🥰 11 days ago

Getting my character refs done bc the US going to ass isn't stopping me from enjoying my life

puppylove 🥺 11 days ago

Tired of being nice, if you disagree with me I hope you go to sleep and never wake back up

puppylove 💀 11 days ago

"be reasonable and peaceful about this" no I want someone to D1£

puppylove 😶 12 days ago

What's the point of getting up early if the issues I was trying to avoid will just fucking get up early too??? xc ugh

puppylove 😂 12 days ago

Idk what's come over me but I've been using old text emotes instead of emojis recently... :x

puppylove 😱 13 days ago

Also I'm aware my site is broken, I'm fixing the script now.. Might take a little to kick in but it's getting there!

puppylove 🎨 13 days ago

Having the urge to create when I have work this afternoon... Blah. I will get nothing done!!

puppylove 😭 14 days ago

I am valued for my reliability and responsibility so ofc when I start to feel burnout my brain utterly bullies me for not meeting expectatio

puppylove 😶 14 days ago

Real autism moment *wakes in in tears and has to convince myself to go to work*

puppylove 🥳 14 days ago

Finally comfortable with how my site looks... Celebrating with a cookie brownie 😋

puppylove 🤒 15 days ago

Once you start wishing you were sick so you can get out of work you know something needs to change

puppylove 🙂 17 days ago

I think the saddest thing is that ppl will deny themselves simple pleasures bc it's 'cringe'. Don't limit your heart for others..

puppylove 😂 26 days ago

It's very aroace of me to focus on the plot of a yaoi game instead of the borderline porn. DMMD is insane tho what can I say

puppylove 😭 28 days ago

I've been working for two hours and I only got inside kennels done I'm gonna die

puppylove 😭 32 days ago

Was gonna start working on my other sites but... I wanna play Stardew Valley :b

puppylove 🌧️ 34 days ago

I love rainstorms, I love them more when I don't have to clean in them 🙃

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