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puppylove 😭 66 days ago

Was gonna start working on my other sites but... I wanna play Stardew Valley :b

puppylove 🌧️ 68 days ago

I love rainstorms, I love them more when I don't have to clean in them 🙃

puppylove 💀 68 days ago

I think it should be illegal to make someone sweat before 12pm. It's not even 10am and I've sweat through my bandana..

puppylove 😭 69 days ago

Trying to be the premium DILF enjoyer and romance Harvey but the more I hear about Sam and Elliot the more I swoon..

puppylove 😭 70 days ago

Shout out to ppl who still read books.. no shade I just can't fucking read 💀 haven't read a book since highschool

puppylove ❤️ 71 days ago

Love seeing this feature on other ppls websites... Glad to have it my own :)

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